Available for..

Furniture repair & mods

Glue it, clamp it, screw it, paint it.

Photo restoration

Cracks and tears all healed.

Toasts and Roasts

I tried to figure it out for a long time.

I took it to him.

He figured it out right away.

It was a miracle! Phil Flank | NASA

I had a very complicated request that required a massive amounts of skill and would take lots of time to complete.
I said I needed it right away and offered to pay him a fraction of what it was worth.
He smiled, and told me to go fuck myself.
I’m confused.
I thought you could pay artists anything and they would be happy.
Guess I was wrong.

Not what I asked for Igot Monet | CFO at NFFY (Not Far From You) Corporation

He came.

We talked.

It got done.

Life went on.

All Good Simon Jones | Simple Simon Records

Hey I asked for a resume NOT  some doctored photographs and and a pile of live edged oak.

I guess you do things your way huh? I know your type and I’m NOT interested.

I prefer people who think , and live INSIDE the box.

Consider yourself rejected !!!

BTW  for the record, I prefer Starbucks to home brewed coffee. ( I like to support my peeps.)


Not our cup of tea Joe Corporato, Megapile Capital

This cat was into some strange shit. I mean …really!!!!

Bending records??? In my day we listened to them.

Regardless, the coffee was good!

WTF Jack Kerouac, Dead writer