“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”Oscar Wilde

Born in the Midwest in what he describes as the “late black and white era”, Doyle has traveled unpredictably over life’s rich landscape

Growing up in his hometown of Kalamazoo (yes Kalamazoo) Michigan, the last generation to transition from an outhouse to indoor plumbing, he was able to observe the world from the comfort of a grassy back yard, proximate to celery farms, paper mills, the Gibson guitar factory and 5 colleges. Being the oldest son of deaf parents presented him with a sizable communication load that needed to be shouldered. Sign language was the native tongue in his household, but outside the home he had to occasionally step outside boyhood activities to interpret or negotiate a deal for his parents.

While many of Doyle’s colleagues were making their resignations to everyday life he opted for Kerouakian journeys hitchhiking cross country, in what he contends as, “the best training” for dealing with life’s curve balls.

In 1969 through 1972, Doyle spent much of his time in California between Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara where he enjoyed his first snow free winters and the excitement of those times.

On his return from California, he soon discovered rock bar music wasn’t paying and in a top secret move he began rehearsing with a country band “with decent paying gigs” and hit the road. Opting for the ‘bald tires and honky tonk tour’ of Michigan, Minnesota and South Dakota with a dash in and out of Canada. He learned first hand the loyalty of a country fan.” If your car didn’t start,” Doyle says, ” there would be 3 people with flashlights, jumper cables and a can of beer to help mend your misfortune.” Unfortunately,” Ed comments, “I haven’t seen that kind of spontaneous generosity since.”

Ed spent 4 years in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, out where the buses don’t run, from 1976 to 1980 living in rustic environments, developing new ideas and skills and living out more rustic curiosities.

In 1981 Ed moved to the Hudson Valley living in the Woodstock area for 15 years

His occupations have included musician, artist, writer, carpenter, shop owner, property manager and a web designer since 1997. He has lived in Saugerties since 1995 with his partner Fiona. When he’s not doing a project for you he is swapping hats on his own renovation project.


All over the place

Doyle draws from his diverse pool of experience to give his work a unique look and personality, while maintaining an avid curiosity and willingness to search ‘outside the box’ for new perspectives and ideas. Adapting new skills and working with different things bring a unique connection between materials of all sorts.Doyle refers to this as introducing materials to “new friends.  Wire befriends a picture frame and a photograph is introduced to vinyl. To him the ideas and possibilities are endless. And so far they have been.

Doyle is on a roll. His life is and has been  on a roll. There is no end to his curiosity , his enthusiasm and no end to the challenges he hurls himself into.  And what happens keeps changing and that’s how he likes it.